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Ease and elegance

May. 7th, 2012 | 04:21 pm

The moment you start believing that you are absolutely safe and nothing bad can touch you, is the moment when you are really in danger of losing everything. Overconfidence is the enemy of security and those who work a lot on their computer should learn this lesson well. The irony is that this lesson will be learned eventually but they would be better off not learning from their own mistakes. Data is volatile and despite the seemingly secure environment where we operate, the risks are as acute as ever.

If you own a mac, backup should become your second nature and must consider all the facts that can turn into an emergency, before it is too late. MacKeeper is not playing with words when it promises to keep you files secure, but what this system optimizer does is more that protecting each file. The antivirus will keep the viruses away so that these malicious software won't compromise the contents and the hard disk tools will extend the life of the disk long enough to prevent an untimely demise. All these measures have a preventive roles and do their job, but there are some redundant protection measures that should be used.

You don't need to look elsewhere for competent applications or invest your hard earned money in third party software, because MacKeeper has you covered. Its backup tool is easy to operate and elegant and invites you to use it often or to schedule the automatic backup and put your worries to rest. Before you can do that, you should decide which is the external storage that you prefer for this job and the odds are that anything you've got in mind, this optimizer can support. If you prefer a USB flash drive or an external hard disk, all you have to do is to schedule the operation and the app does it for you.

Those who prefer high tech solutions for their mac backup, will surely be thrilled to hear that the FTP is available and it is just the beginning. Online storage solutions are the future and MacKeeper strongly agrees that the data should be kept safe but at the same time must be easily accessible. This is where the application shines, because as soon as ZeoDisk will be launched and incorporated into the bundle, it will open a whole new window of opportunity. Compatible with all operating systems, it'll allow subscribers to preserve sensitive information securely online, and share it with the ones that have clearance.

For the time being we have to settle with what we have but it is still more than we expect and covers all our needs without turning the entire operation into something complicated. After you take care of all the details and instruct MacKeeper to run the scheduled maintenance, you can finally put your worries away and stop thinking about the safety of your files. The difference between confidence and irresponsibility is less obvious, and it pays off to have a keen eye to observe it.

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Get uninstalling right

Apr. 27th, 2012 | 04:21 pm

There is no point in doing the same thing twice, so if you want to remove programs from your Mac don't rush to conclusions and send them straight into the Trash. This is a temporary storage for files and sooner or later you will be tempted to clear it and assume that this was the end of it. Nothing is farther from the truth because apps are like an octopus that spreads its tentacles all over the hard disk and removing the body will just leave an awful mess behind.

A single document or file doesn't fall into the same category and once you decide to get rid of it, a simple deletion with solve the problem. For apps you need some finesse and more exactly, you could use some uninstall programs on mac that take a scientific approach. MacKeeper is an avid cleaning tool that will stop at nothing to keep your Mac neat and the Fast cleanup tool is doing this each time you launch it. Its purpose is to repair all those mistakes that were committed in the past and keep your machine tidy, so that resources won't go to waste.

It would have been very easy for the developers to leave things as they are and wait for more leftovers to appear so that the cleaner can reduce them to rubble. This is something that some optimizers do, but the user will be pit against the same problem over and over again, which is not exactly making his mission easier. MacKeeper provides subscribers with the convenient Fast Cleanup but at the same time teaches them how to prevent junk files from spreading fast, while supplying them with a qualified instrument.

The Smart Uninstaller has an answer for any application, no matter how old it might be and will save you the time of looking for an uninstaller that works. It is known that some developers omit to create such a feature for the apps they market and while this flaw doesn't matter when you acquire the software, it can turn frustrating later on. Few people would change their minds and refrain from acquiring an app simply because it has no uninstaller, because this is the last thing on their mind. For MacKeeper users this is not something worth worrying about, but they are entitled to be relaxed because they have an uninstaller.

Such an application has to be versatile and work against even the most persistent software, but also needs to provide some guarantees regarding the results. The great thing about MacKeeper is that it provides you with tools that complement each other and you can even use them to monitor results. For example, running the Cleaners after the Smart Uninstaller has removed an application will prove beyond doubt that there were no scarps left. These details matter for savvy users who want to be assured that when they buy a system optimizer they are not shortchanged and the application does exactly what is sets up to do.

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Uninstaller for Mac

Dec. 28th, 2011 | 04:55 pm

A vast range of software, programs and applications are available on the Internet for the Mac operating systems. There are various shareware, freeware and open source programs which are very tempting as they cost simply nothing. Every application has something new to offer to its user but, the problem is that the size of the hard disk is finite and can install only some of these applications. Moreover, digital music, photos and videos occupy a large disk space which means that sooner or later, the hard drive of your system will run out of space. So, in order to install software which might turn out to be useful for the Mac, it is important that you free some disk space and delete some of those files which are no longer required.

Another reason to uninstall any program in your Mac might back the discovery of something new and beneficial. There are always the option of up gradation from the older version to the newer version so to stay updated. Many a times the application is not upgraded completely, the result of which is that the application might not run properly.

Uninstaller for Mac
The programs installed on the Mac operating systems are generally well behaved and accumulate all the relevant files of the application in one place. It is considered as a trivial task to remove an application along with its related files which makes it up. A simple process is to drag the program to the trash can. However, there are some applications which cannot be removed this easily and comes with an uninstaller in order to be deleted. The reason behind this is that dragging the application to the Trash can removes the signs of the application from the system, but, the files which constitutes it is still saved in the hard drive. Using an uninstaller program, helps remove the program as well as all the related files and folders. Through this action a complete eradication process takes place thereby, freeing up space on the hard drive in true terms.

Clean up after uninstalling
There are many uninstalling programs as well, which are not capable of removing the application entirely. Some traces are still left behind which requires a post clean up procedure. The applications file are normally stored within the Applications folder on the boot disk. Installing source of software normally perform this action automatically and in those applications which are installed manually, the process should be to drag the application towards this folder.

Delete Preferences items
Nearly all the applications holds a Preference menu which enables the user to configure the settings of the software. All these configurations are saved in a separate folder which are automatically transferred and stored in the Library's folder. These files should also be removed from the system in order to perform a complete uninstalling procedure.

Excess fonts
Many of the fonts are quite essential for a Mac operating system as they are used to display the text onto the screen. However, excessive amount of fonts might slow down the system as well. If you consider any font that can be removed without providing any harm to the Mac OS X, it might also free up some disk space for installing any other useful application.

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Is your MacBook running slow?

Dec. 23rd, 2011 | 04:54 pm

Mac is the only operating system from Apple for laptops and desktop computers. Mac is one of the best operating systems in market. Results have shown that Mac is a virus free operating system and is much faster and effective than windows. However, there are users who are disappointed at their Mac operating systems. A lot of these users are getting a really slow performance. There are several reasons of Macbook running slow and there are solutions to solve this problem.

One of the things that should be done to make the operating system fast is to increase the ram. Most Mac books have 512 RAM but this usually results in a slow performance when using multiple programs at once. So to avoid this problem, one should upgrade the RAM to 1 or 2GB.  When multiple applications are used at a lower RAM, then the system usually results in a slow performance and frequent crashes. The greater the RAM, the more smooth the System is with the usage of multiple applications.

Mac is also well known for its multitasking. This means that the user can open multiple applications at once. However, this makes the operating system slow and sloppy. To avoid this, programs that are not being used should be closed so that they don't eat up memory. Another problem is that if people get a slower performance, either they shut down the system or they keep on working on it. People should restart the system in order to refresh all the processes so that the system gives a better response. So, in some cases, a plain restart might solve your problem!

Another thing that causes Macbook running slow is a large number of applications and processes on startup. This basically means that the system has to load all these programs on startup which usually results in a slow startup and then a poor performance. Some of the users don't even use these applications often. Users should disable the irrelevant programs on startup to speed up the startup. However, you need to be careful as disabling some system processes can cause a startup problem.

Another reason for Mac running slow is enabling a number of things including Bluetooth, wifi and speed recognition. People who don't use wifi and Bluetooth much should disable these processes. This will save a lot of RAM and hence, will give a better feedback from the system. Disabling useless widgets on the home screen is also known to increase the speed of a slow Mac book.

Applications like the X slimmer can be used to remove unnecessary codes from applications. This results in faster applications and frees up the disk space as well.

Lastly, you should keep your system updated all the time. Updates are available almost every month by Apple. The updates are made to keep your system Up-to-Date and to solve any problems regarding Mac running slow performance and a slow startup. So, there are several ways with which you can solve a slow Mac system without spending money.

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Mac Encryption Made Easy

Dec. 19th, 2011 | 04:54 pm

Encryption of data and files in the Mac operating systems refers to the protecting of the data stored within it. It provides 100 percent protection to all the confidential data saved in these files. The advantage of this encryption is that only restricted access is allowed to those files which means that data stealing and forgery is reduced to the minimum level. The four most common circumstances under which a data encryption need arises are mentioned as follows:

•    The Mac operating system in which the important files and its confidential data is saved is mechanized on a sharing system and you do not want the sharing party to access those files.
•    The Mac operating system in which the important files and its confidential data is saved is lend out  to another person to whom you want to be sure that the personal files are not accessed.
•    The protection of financial data stored in the system. For example, if your Mac is stolen, this Mac encryption application saves the data from getting stolen.
•    The program is also useful for implementing parental control on the system.
Mac OS Disk Utility made the possibility of Mac encryption process, but, there are other simpler ways to perform this action. One of this way is to use the MacKeeper application which is a powerful system utility for Mac operating units which is very multi functional. This software is an award winning Data encryption tool which makes use of complex encrypting algorithms in order to hide the data completely which makes it undetectable for even the best and specific tools designed for this purpose.

Three steps for protecting the data
•    Obtain a complete functional trial version of 15 days of the MacKeeper application.
•    Create a pass code in the data encryption option for the purpose of accessing the personal information.
•    Add in the data which you require to protect and select from one of the algorithms and then click 'Hide'.

Mac encryption process
The procedure of encryption might be complicated for the Mac OS X, but, not for its user.

It is understood that all encryption utilities operate by a password. This password is used to decrypt those files to make the data visible once more. The password should be as complex as possible, but, be careful that you don't forget it.

When the password is created, the next step is to select those files which are to be encrypted and then the algorithms encryption that is to be used. This is it! The files are protected and free from unauthorized access. Any third person user of the Mac cannot even guess that confidential data is stored in the hard drive.

Benefits of MacKeeper Data Encryption
The benefits of MacKeeper are enormous which the user will never regret. In order to protect precious files, the following benefits are offered by the application:
•    User-friendly interface: advanced level encryption takes place on few click only.
•    All-in-one features: the application has dual features. It not only encrypts data but, it also creates its backup so that if the file is deleted accidently, it can be recovered through this program.
•    Encryption algorithms: in order to keep the files protected and safe, AES-256 or AES-128 can be used.
•    Round the clock support: the service center is always ready to solve any issue pertaining to the application which makes it the best encryption

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Optimize your Mac with clean mac

Dec. 14th, 2011 | 04:54 pm

Your Mac functioning at optimum level is what you expect on a continuous basis. This would have been true before the advent of internet. You operate the computer in such a way that there is no order, no tag is maintained about the files downloaded or sites browsed. The entire internet browsing operation may be one time visit or requirement. After this visit and downloading you might note need or even remember the existence of such a file. This will happen on a daily basis, as a result the computer is set to accumulate the files in large numbers that you computer will contain more of computer junk. Your computer is cluttered and will become sluggish. This does not happen suddenly. It is a gradual process and you will need clean mac software to restore the computer to optimum level.

When your computer is cluttered, you may feel it has got to do something with computer hardware or software. To reach this stage, the computer need not be old. Even if the user is computer savvy, the slowing down of the computer cannot be avoided unless steps are taken to use the computer with adequate protection against cluttering and accumulation of computer junk. You may call a technician to attend to the problem. As the problem has nothing to do computer, immediate use of clean mac is called for to restore the computer gain its optimum operational speed or efficiency. The software clean mac will ensure that in future no cluttering takes place again in your computer.      

The clean mac software will remove all unwanted files, language packs, binaries, clearing the cache. It will uninstall all software that remains unused. It pertains to software that are used only once or twice after installation. The software has optimization feature which allows updating the applications. The clean mac also has anti theft feature. All the functions carried out by the software enables you to get back the computer to original level of speed or functional level of efficiency. The advantage of having the software is like having a guard to clear all the unwanted junk as and when it is collected. The computer will not be cluttered with the junk and it will never run sluggishly.

You may be confronted with the question as to the particular software for clean mac to chose. There are a number of cleaners available in the market. It may be a little difficult to differentiate. In terms of feature you are advised to select after making a comparative study of all the features, automatic up dates, customer after sales support and ease of use in downloading and activating. Of course, the basic premise is the compatibility with Mac as there are number of software which claim but actually may not be compatible. Generally, it is very easy to download, install and activate. It does not take much time to scan and remove all the junk from the computer.  As a user, when you have the software you will be able to maintain operational efficiency.

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MacKeeper Anti Virus really removes viruses!!

Dec. 1st, 2011 | 04:26 pm

Just because of the so-called fact that Macs are well known for jabbing at the stuffs like viruses and scams, various people don’t consider any security software for their Macs. Yet, all the users with this belief must accept that if their Mac is vulnerable, it’s just not only unprotected, but may be already infected with virus.
Even, if one looks at the history of Macs, there are plenty of viruses, malwares, and Trojan attacks. A recent example is the “Rogue anti virus program” aka “MacDefender,” which trick users to install some kind of bogus Mac security software by showing popups asking to purchase the full version of software to solve the problem.
Well, MacKeeper and MacDefender have nothing in common. MacDefender is not only capable enough to affect your system and data, but also evil enough to steal your identity and information. MacKeeper does totally opposite. MacKeeper just not only allows you to scan your system for viruses, but also lethal enough to kill them. Also, for the general knowledge of Mac users, MacKeeper uses the same anti virus search engine and virus catalogs as “Avira AntiVir Professional” (which is one of the renowned anti virus platforms). 

Needles to repeat again, MacKeeper virus protection is a capable enough anti virus software that will help you to remove viruses and malwares from your system. MacKeeper anti virus is more than enriched with all those features that the average user craves for the removal of security threats. Here are some of the reasons why every Mac user should use MacKeeper to remove viruses:
Protection Scope: When we ought to adopt any anti virus, the very first thing we look for is the scope of anti virus. The best anti virus software should not only have the capabilities of protecting our system from viruses, malware and spyware, but should also remove them from their roots. MacKeeper removes viruses completely like they never existed.

Effectiveness: Another plus point of MacKeeper anti virus is that while scanning or removing viruses, it does not disturb the overall performance of your system. The efficiency of any anti virus is determined by the overall evaluation of its effectiveness and MacKeeper clearly grabs full mark for its effectiveness.

User-friendly Installation: Unnecessary to say, software should be easy to setup without even requiring support from any expert. MacKeeper is just one of those software that are easy to install and can be steered by all types of users.

Updates: MacKeeper regularly update it users with the latest security threats and happenings in the internet world. In addition to that, it also updates its virus database on daily basis.
Help & Support: MacKeeper anti virus support is available for its users 24/7 in the form of telephone, live chat, email and remote desktop technical assistance.
Overall, if you have installed MacKeeper on your system, you won’t be receiving any threats like malwares and viruses. So, what’s your pick?

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MacKeeper all-in-one solution for your Mac!

Dec. 1st, 2011 | 04:24 pm

MacKeeper Introduction
If you are in search of a complete all-in-one package of system utilities along with MacKeeper scam protection and maintenance tools for your Mac, then stop searching now, as MacKeeper is the ultimate solution available for you. MacKeeper is capable enough to serve for a large set of activities like security, data management, performance optimization and support. MacKeeper has all those powerful utilities and tools that will help you keep your Mac system neat, protected, fast and efficient enough with the help of one single application.
How MacKeeper is helpful from security point of view?
When it is about enhancing your Mac security, MacKeeper presents dynamic tools and utilities including anti virus utility, which offers dual protection against security threats like viruses, scams, malwares and trojans from both Mac OSX and Windows. Mackeeper also offers an anti theft feature which tracks down the location of your Mac through WiFi network. It also has the ability to take the picture of thief using iSight camera and send it to you via email.
Test before download
You can get a free trial version which will enable you to use some of the features like anti virus, disk management, data encryption, undelete, and wise uninstaller. MacKeeper free test trial is available for 15 days. The reason why they are offering free trial is self-explanatory; they have confidence in their product and they want users to try and evaluate the efficiency. You can only make a reasonable verdict on the basis of your own personal experience. Beside that, they also offer 365 days money back guarantee along with 24/7 customer support. What would they achieve by doing so? The answer is confidence and word to mouth success for MacKeeper.

What users say about MacKeeper?
MacKeeper is turning out to be comparatively astonishing, because of its user’s positive testimonials regarding reliability and effectiveness. Users have passed their gracious judgments on the basis of their own personal experiences. All these after-effects are not just limited to individual users only, but there are various distinguished tech geeks and experts out there who have personally used MacKeeper and their in depth reviews hold MacKeeper in high honor.
Why should you purchase MacKeeper?
In short, MacKeeper offers a unique variety of tools which can enhance your Mac security and performance remarkably. In addition to the security and optimization features, MacKeeper is also helpful in system cleaning, data protection and technical support. If anyone of you hasn’t downloaded MacKeeper yet, you must download it now and take full advantage of its tools. It’s really amazing!

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MacKeeper – The solution to your malware problems

Dec. 1st, 2011 | 04:22 pm

In recent times, a new generation of malware has attacked OS X users with malicious applications that bait users to download such applications and provide personal information, which later leads to identity theft. Some websites are also identified that tried to swindle users to download malicious applications. If you are one of those users, install MacKeeper malware will no longer remain on your system or attempt to infect it.

MacKeeper is an award winning bundle of 16 exceptional utilities that offers a different approach to system maintenance and care. Anti virus utility is included within the bundle of applications and MacKeeper is capable enough to protect you against all online threats. MacKeeper is available from Apple’s official app store. With this utility bundle, you can get a one year license with 365 days money back guarantee. Isn’t it quite interesting?
What are these online threats?
Basically, there are some websites out there that contain step by step guides and information about how to remove online threats. Almost, all of them ask users to click buttons like “Remove threats” or “Clean Your Mac now.” Once the button is clicked, it downloads malicious applications that work in the background on your Mac.
After the installation of malicious software, it opens websites that contain inappropriate content, like pornography or phishing scam. In addition, it also asks for a malware, virus, Trojan or worm scan and when you’re done with that, it asks you to purchase an upgrade to remove online threats and block malicious websites. Such kinds of threatening software are spread all over the web and some of them are named as “Mac Defender”, “Mac Security”, and “Mac Protector.” 
How to remove online threats?
Luckily, if you have not downloaded any such software like “Mac Defender”, “Mac Security”, or “Mac Protector” then you’re good to go. However, if you have already became victim of any one of these threats and experiencing malicious behavior of your browser — or some weird popup is appearing on your desktop regularly saying you’re system is infected with virus or malware, then you need to install MacKeeper.
After the installation of MacKeeper, all you need to do is to click on the “Start Scan” button… and MacKeeper will not only help you to get rid of them from your system, but will also make sure that you don’t enter websites that contains such malicious stuff again.
Similar software is available… Why MacKeeper is best?
There is other anti virus software out there in the market with same features, but they are not as much inexpensive as MacKeeper. MacKeeper just not only offers anti virus features, but also a bunch of some other handy system utilities like cleanup, data management, optimization and support tools… quite a lot of apps in one package for just $38.95.

And, most significantly, MacKeeper manufacturing company ZeoBit has recently been declared as one of the top 10 anti virus companies in the world. In just a short span of time, MacKeeper has achieved quite a lot of honors and recognitions that’s what makes it best than the rest.

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Why Mac Backup From MacKeeper Is Important

Oct. 14th, 2011 | 05:33 pm

Mackeeper is powered by 16 essential Mac utilities that handle security, data control, cleaning and  backup. You can schedule a mac backup for your files and folders. MacKeeper is like 911 for your Mac it offers all of the maintenance tools and utilities you could ever need to keep your Mac in the best possible condition. MacKeeper is not just an ordinary app, if you were to purchase all of the included utilities as standalone tools for Mac backup, data encryptor, default apps, disk usage and  login then you could be looking at spending hundreds of dollars. However, MacKeeper contains all of the utilities for one affordable price and you can even download a fully functional free trial to give the application a risk free test drive.
Mac backup from MacKeeper is an easy to use Mac backup utility tool for creating reserve copies of your files at any. The tool provides a fast, safe and easy Mac backup solution for your system. MacKeeper will create copies of your files even on external storage devices. In our every day life we protect ourselves from all sorts of things on regular basis. We lock our homes when leaving them and install the most recent automobile alarm systems. We even buy insurance policies to keep our personal possessions in safety. So what about our data files and other digital information? We need to protect our information just as much as we protect our material belongings. That means that a good Mac backup utility is essential.
MacKeeper can provide automatic Mac backup as regularly as you choose. The tool can be configured to automatically back up your files daily, weekly, monthly or on demand in order to best suit your needs. Never again do you need to worry about losing your precious files. MacKeeper Mac Backup has a number of exclusive features:
  • You can select any destination for backup including ftp, external HDD, a USB Flash drive or any other storage device.
  • The scheduling option allows you to set backups for certain times and dates and also to select the frequency of your automatic Mac backup.
  • You do not need to have a separate drive for your Mac backup.
  • You can create an unlimited number of backups and copies of your files.
  • You can choose manual or automatic activation for your Mac backup.

Losing your important files can have drastic consequences. It is difficult to imagine the sense of loss you would feel if you were ever to loose you children's baby photos and your home movies. Likewise, losing a lifetimes worth of resumes and references from employers can be a major career setback. Losing a school project or work presentation a day before it is due for submission can be disastrous. All of these situations can be avoided by using the Mac backup utility provided by MacKeeper from Zeobit. If the worst happens you know that your files are backed up and are safely stored somewhere waiting to be accessed.

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